Saturday, 25 August 2012

Irish-language toy company branches out

Now this looks interesting! A toy manufacturer that specialises in Irish-language toys is branching out:

Bábógbaby has announced that it will be available in English, Scots Gaelic and Welsh in October in Ireland and UK toy stores after its launch in the UK in September.

Based in Galway, Bábógbaby specialises in Irish speaking toys and is now branching out into other languages.

The article also mentions the launch of a Scots Gaelic app next month, which is something I'd be especially keen on. I've not really used any apps before now but something to help with building on my beginners knowledge of the language would be really good, and if it gets the kids interested then all the better. I won't be able to go back to classes until I'm recovered (if I recover!) so this is the next best thing; something to help with pronunciation would be extremely helpful.


Ancestral Gael said...

There are a few Scottish Gaelic apps already, including one for verbs. Most are very basic and great for beginners.

Seren said...

Thanks! I should look them up too. I'm terrified of anything to do with grammar but maybe something like an app that I can pick at, at my own pace, would help.

If there are any you'd recommend especially then I'd love to hear any suggestions.