Friday, 17 June 2011

Iron Age settlement (possibly) found on St Kilda

It was previously thought that St Kilda was only ever visited for hunting and wool gathering, but it looks like archaeologists have found evidence of settlement that could date as far back as the Iron Age:

"Farming what is probably one of the most remote - and inhospitable - islands in the North Atlantic would have been a hard and gruelling existence."

St Kilda expert Jill Harden, who is contracted to NTS, said it was refreshing to know that there was still so much to learn about the islands.

The finds were made during a five-year project to produce the most complete mapping record of St Kilda's built heritage.
There are also some fantastic pictures of the island to look at. This article from the Stornoway Gazette gives a bit more background to the island, and the St Kilda website adds a bit of detail too.