Saturday, 10 April 2010

And another update

Not much time for proper posts at the moment - I'm on a writing and research kick that's kind of taking my brain away from any actual deep thoughts to ramble on about at great length (and aren't you glad) - so instead you'll have to put up with another update about the stuff I've been doing over on Tairis.

Maybe it's the fact that Spring finally seems to have settled in and I'm coming out of hibernation mode. I'm enjoying the sunshine and I seem to be inspired by it at the moment, and so the next few articles I've done are only, oh, four months late (but better late than never...). So:

Yule/Hogmanay - Part 1
Yule/Hogmanay - Part 2
Celebrating Hogmanay

Unfortunately I ended up managing the equivalent of a short dissertation, so the first article wouldn't fit on one page and I've had to split it up...Part one covers Yule, Hogmanay and New Year's Day (in Scotland), while Part Two covers The Processions and Bonfires, New Year's Eve in Ireland, and a short Conclusion. I've attempted to pick out all the important bits from there to give some suggestions on what you can do if you want to go about celebrating the New Year in style in the second article, Celebrating Hogmanay.

All that's left to say at this point is: I do have a life, honest...