Friday, 4 May 2012

Skye swim farmer revisited

A while ago I posted a link about the last farmer on Skye to swim his cattle. This week in the news, there's an article on the "UK's oldest farmers," which includes Iain MacDonald, the same Skye farmer:
Forgetting to put your teeth in seems an unlikely occupational hazard. But for another of the UK's oldest farmers, it is just that.  
Iain MacDonald, 80, recalls a trek into the hills of Skye to round up sheep and only then realising he had left his dentures at home. Without his teeth, he could not whistle commands to guide his collie Pip.  
The dog and sheep went everywhere except in the right direction. Defeated, Iain had to return home to retrieve his dentures. "I'd gone all that way and I couldn't get the dog to do anything I wanted her to."

Check out the videos in the article, too!