Friday, 8 April 2011

A History of Celtic Britain

I'm something a bear of very little brain at the moment, so apologies for not being the most scintillating company right now. My continuing back problem and the cocktail of medication I'm on for it is making my brain rebel against the thought of doing any serious thinking, writing or research these days, even though I want to, so any deep sort of thoughts are probably not going to surface any time soon...I've been picking at stuff, but there's not much doing at the moment. It's a little frustrating.

One thing I thought might be of interest, given my lack of anything else to say, is a new series by the BBC called A History of Celtic Britain. The first episode aired last night and focused on the transition from Bronze to Iron Age; it was a little dry, I thought, but well-presented and factual, although there wasn't really much about the Celts...Next week there's mention of druids, from the looks of things, so it'll be interesting to see what they have to say.

The iPlayer episode is here (for folks on this side of the Pond), and there's an accompanying article to go with it. Obviously there are geographic restrictions on iPlayer, so if you're not in the UK it's kinda tough unless you can obtain it by other means, but I've found a few excerpts from youtube:

Hopefully these will be viewable outside of the UK (I couldn't see mention of any restrictions).