Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Là Fhèill Brìghde approaches and so does the Spring; the trees and bushes are in bud, the rhododendrons have flower buds on them, the lawn needs a good trim...

So my thoughts are turning to what I'll be doing next week as part of my celebrations. Last year worked out pretty well, and there were a few things I thought I should've done with the kids and so on that I think I'll try - making a birds nest with them, for our spring picture (or sculpture this time), for one, and churning some butter with them again.

I have some supplies for the dealbh Bride, which I might try making with Rosie and Tom (if I can persuade him to make a doll - I'm not sure that's really his thing, but then again, kids don't need much excuse to play with glue...). And I have a vague idea of weaving a basket, somehow, but I'm not sure quite how yet. I might actually weave it with strips of clay, so I can paint and decorate it, or else I might do it properly if I can find a basket weaving kit, or something like that. Something simple, that even a child could manage...

One of the biggest things I've decided I want to do is tie in the sowing I'm planning on doing for this year with my celebrations. My efforts with the veg last year was a moderate success (in terms of carrots, radish, onions and leeks - not much else unless tiny buds of broccoli and cauliflower count. Oh, a pepper! I got one whole red pepper, too...), and I want to try and solidify it all a little. So it makes sense to consecrate the seed on the day of Là Fhèill Brìghde, and then get sowing on the Friday, to maximise the auspiciousness, as it were.

Last year I was far too ambitious, so I'm keeping it simple, I think, and sticking with onions, carrots and leeks for the most part. Maybe a few turnips again, too. The strawberries are springing back to life but I'm not sure if the other fruits I've got in the garden have survived; only time will tell on that.

Aside from that, it's business as usual, I think.