Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Archive: Bealltainn 2007

Bealtainn hasn’t happened yet in the Seren household. Or more, I haven’t celebrated it properly yet.

I had a bad night with Rosie, was knackered, and hadn’t been able to get anything for celebrating it (my mother came to visit for the week, so I was busy) - celebrating “in style”, anyway. So I’ve put it off until this coming Monday. I lit the ‘needfire’ (nine candles being as close to a bonfire as I can get) and did a special smooring along with my usual daily prayers, but that was about it. So Monday is going to be my unofficial Bealtainn, since the Monday after a quarter day festival is supposed to hold similar qualities as the day itself.

But the worst thing of it all, which makes me go “Bugger”, is that I forgot about the Bealtainn celebrations in Edinburgh, which is run by the Beltane Fire Society. Twelve years as a pagan, wanting to go to it for as long as I’ve known about it…and the first time I live about 15 minutes away from it, I go and forget all about it. Granted a new baby is probably as good an excuse as any, but still. Bum an’ gob.