Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bits and pieces - links of interest and a new CR book

I'm snagging something from Treasa's blog that I meant to mention ages ago, after she brought my attention to it - the Ulster Institutional Repository. It's an archive of articles and work by researchers at Ulster University, and there's a good section on Irish and Celtic stuff there. There are lots of articles you can download as pdfs, on all sorts of things, although some entries are only references. Hopefully they will add to it, because some of the most interesting ones aren't available, but it's still well worth a look. Treasa's also posted a nice video called Lament by Damien Byrne, which won an award in March - it's a reworking of The Death of Aoife's Only Son. 

In other news, I've got a copy of a new CR book on order, called Highland Heathenry by Ikindé Skréja Ominnsaer. It's just out yesterday, and how could I not? My credit card won't be thanking me just now, I'm sure, but the book should arrive sometime next week (while the kids are away - yay, peace and quiet!) and I'll be reviewing it at some point after that, I'm sure. Ikindé's blog is here if you want to check her out.