While books are a great resource for any Celtic Reconstructionist, journals often hold more fruitful avenues of research - good tidbits and good summaries. There are an increasing amount of academic articles available online these days, either via the dedicated Google Scholar search engine, or through organisations like JSTOR. You will find a list of articles and dissertations that I've found already (and think may be useful for Gaelic Polytheists) over on the Tairis site. I try to keep it up to date but if you think there is anything that should be on the list then feel free to give me a prod!

There's a limit to what you can find online, though. Having access to a university library can be invaluable, and non-students can usually pay for membership, which is how I get to look up lots of lovely articles. Every now and then I will be writing up some notes and thoughts on the articles I've looked up and think might be of interest. This page is intended to host a list of all the ones I've written up so far; otherwise you can try browsing the "notes" tag on this blog.


The Story of the Finding of Cashel
Myles Dillon
Ériu 16 (1952)

Continuity and Adaptation in Legends of Cailleach Bhéarra 
Gearóid Ó Crualaoich 
Béaloideas Iml. 56, (1988)

Early Irish Attitudes toward Hair and Beards, Baldness and Tonsure
William Sayers
ZcP Volume 44 (1991)

The Beliefs and Mythology of the Early Irish, With Special Reference to the Cosmos
Fergus Kelly
Astronomy, Cosmology, and Landscape: Proceedings of the Société Eurpéene pour L'Astronomie dans la Culture (2001)

Bendacht dee agus andee fort, a ingen (Táin Bó Cúalgne 2111, O' Rahilly)
David Rankin
Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie Volume 51 (1999)

Body of a saint, story of a goddess: origins of the Brigidine tradition
Lisa Bitel
Textual Practice 16(2) (2002)

The Image of Brigit as a Saint: Reading the Latin Lives
Katja Ritari
Peritia 21 (2010)

The Christianization of the Early Irish Cosmos?: muir mas, nem nglas, talam cé (Blathm. 258)
Liam Mac Mathúna
ZcP Volume 49-50 (1997)

Some Heathenish and Superstitious Rites: A Letter from Lewis, 1700
Domhnall Uilleam Stiúbhart
Scottish Studies: The Journal of the School of Scottish Studies Volume 24 (2000-2006)

Women, milk and magic at the Boundary Festival of May
Patricia Lysaght
Milk and Milk Products (1993)

Hearth-Prayers and other Traditions of Brigit: Celtic Goddess and Holy Woman
Séamas Ó Catháin
JRSAI Vol 122 (1992)

'Handfasting' in Scotland
A. E. Anton
Scottish Historical Review, Vol 37 (1958)