Thursday, 1 April 2010

With unerring predictability

Yeah well...It started chewing at me, wanting to be written, so write it I did...

I decided to write an article on Latha na Caillich after all, mainly because I had a few thoughts I wanted to get straight in my head, and as usual, writing it out is the best way for me to figure things out. So in a way it's more of an opinion piece than I usually do - you may or may not agree.

Seeing as it's still fecking freezing round these parts - we've had snow again this week, and the ice and wind resulted in power cuts and who knows what's happened to the phones - I've not actually done anything for it yet. I'm going to make some formal offerings, but given the weather I think I'll wait for the Old Style date, April 6th, to do that.