Friday, 3 January 2014

Hogmanay Duan

Oidhche Choinnle, oidhche shona,
Oidhche air am bi loinn is sonas,
Maighdeanan a’ roinn nam bonnach,
Coinnlean a’ boillsgeadh soluis;
Chiream charam feadh an tighe,
So an tigh ’s am beil mo ghnothach,
’S chan eil romham dhol na’s fhaide! 
Candle-night, fortunate night,
Splendid and felicitous night,
Maidens distributing the bannocks,
Candles shining with their light;
Lots of bustle about the house,
This is the house where my errand lies,
And there’s no need for me to go further. 
MacTalla XI, October 17, 1902, translated by Catriona NicÌomhair Parsons

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