Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Otherworld

I saw this posted on the Carmichael Watson Facebook page and it looks really interesting:

The world of the fairies may seem like a long way from our world of skinny lattes and social media. But open the pages of the book The Otherworld, and listen to the two CDs that come with it, and you’ll find yourself carried off – as if by magic – to another realm. 

This enchanting selection of songs, tunes, black-and-white photographs and snippets of story is taken from the National Folklore Collection held at University College, Dublin. The musicians and storytellers describe a wide range of encounters with the supernatural, from the smile-inducing to the seriously spine-chilling.

Seeing as I was given just the right amount to treat myself for Christmas, it should be arriving within 3-5 days...


Crisdean said...

Hi Annie

Sounds really interesting...I thunk Im going to order the book/CD's myself..let us know what you think when you get done with the material.


Seren said...

I will post a review once I'm done, Crisdean. It might take a while since I don't have much time for reading at the moment but I should get to it at some point :)

Heronmist said...

Thanks for this recommendation. I've found a music sample from it and posted a link on my blog as well as ordering the book & CD.

Seren said...

Ooo, thanks for posting, Heronmist. The samples sound beautiful! I didn't think to look for any before ordering it.