Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Nice to see the Isle of Man getting some coverage for once. And also:

A good turnip lantern is worth a pound of anyone's money, safe in the knowledge that someone, though probably not the little cherub on your doorstep, has suffered sprained wrists and blistered thumbs scooping it out.

Truer words have never been spoken...

I've yet to carve any myself for the coming festivities, I'll probably get them done on Sunday, the day before I need them for the window to invite the guisers, so they'll still be fresh. I did loads last year, but taking into account my limitations I'll probably not be so ambitious in what gets carved this year. Then again, the kids might actually help this time.


nefaeria said...

Hehe, I have avoided making one from a turnip up until now because I have a hard enough time with the pumpkins. BUT there is the perfect turnip from our garden fated to be our first...I am just hoping my better half is the one to carve it, at least that way it will have a chance of turning out alright!

Seren said...

The first time I did a pumpkin - a year or two ago, I think - I found it surprisingly hard work.

There's a lot more to carve out in the turnip but you can make it a bit easier on your hands if you score the flesh that needs carving out before scooping it out.

My father-in-law says that as a kid his mum would scorch the flesh - it's makes things much easier, apparently, but then you waste the innards. And will stink the house out.

Good luck! I hope you post pictures :D

nefaeria said...

Thanks for the tips! And I will definitely post pictures whether we are successful or not. ;)

Kathryn Price NicDhàna said...

The red ones with white innards, that look like big radishes, are really easy to carve. It's the larger, yellow ones that can sprain your wrists.

Soon the smell of candle-roasted tumshies... :)

Seren said...

Yeah, I tried some of those the first time I carved turnips, they were a lot easier to do and I figured I could hedge my bets :p I'm planning on doing some again this year, just so I can get some more lanterns going around the house.