Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Follow up on Tigh nam Bodach

Update: At the present time, the planning application has been withdrawn. Please see this post here, and this one as well for more information.

With an afternoon to myself and my continuing orders to 'be active, but not too active' while I take a cocktail of medication that makes me want to do nothing more than curl up in the foetal position (if only I could), I've taken the opportunity to do some research into the proposed hydro-electric scheme in Glen Lyon. I ended up deciding that instead of moaning about it and being morally outraged here on my blog, I should write a letter of objection instead. So I did. Or rather, I emailed it.

My objections included:
  • Gleann Cailliche is one of the few undisturbed areas left in Scotland, and as such the proposals wholly inappropriate
  • The proposed pipeline will run through otherwise intact blanket bog habitats, which are rare and said to be of 'international ecological significance' (page 4). As such, I believe the ecological impact on an area of 'high conservation value' to be unacceptable, should the proposals be given the go-ahead
  • Tigh nam Bodach is a unique site and the traditions associated with it are an important part of the local character as well as being a part of Scotland's cultural heritage. The peaceful and undisturbed location of the glen is an integral part of what makes the place so unique and special; such an intrusive development will compromise the site and the traditions, and potentially damage it
  • Given the fact that there will be pylons, poles, cables, weirs, powerstations, and so on, built as part of the scheme in an otherwise relatively untouched glen, the visual impact on the area will be significant, insensitive and intrusive 
For anyone particularly interested, you can look up the proposals yourself here, by entering the relevant reference code - 11/00061 - which will take you through to the details. So far two letters of objection are listed, including one from the Killin Heritage Society, who look after Tigh nam Bodach, but I've heard that others have sent in comments as well.

Who knows what will happen, but I'm hoping for the best...


    mama p said...

    Good for you for writing!! How much impact do you think it would have for people outside of Scotland to object?
    Have there been any editorials written about it, to notify the public?

    Something about this is just so deeply disturbing, that people would brush aside something so significant so very carelessly.

    Tairis said...

    I'm feeling all grown up and ev'ryfing :)

    I think the more people that write in, the better. I did wonder if my comment would be counted, seeing as I won't be directly affected by it - as in, locally - but I didn't see anything that said that when I tried to check. It just said to leave your name and address, even if you email, as anonymous comments won't be considered.

    I've not seen anything in the news about it, but I'm fairly sure they've done the necessary advertisements in the local press to invite comment and so on - they have to.

    Elsewhere on the internet I've seen people reluctant to make too much fuss because not many people know about the site and they don't want it to be inundated by tourists - it's fairly remote at the moment.

    I think there's an additional worry that improving access to the place - which will be necessary to get the heavy macginery up and down - will expose the shrine to vandalism or theft of the stones. That happened once before, apparently, but the stone was quickly returned, with rumours that the Cailleach made her displeasure known very clearly.

    Anonymous said...

    I also posted a comment on the planning website - yesterday as i only just found out about the application. I urged them to take further advice on the significance of the Tigh Nam Bodach site before any decision is made.
    We can only hope they listen to the few people who have spoken out.
    I agree with Mama P's comment there is something rather disturbing about the selection of Glen Calliche for this 'development' but time will tell.
    The Yorkshireman

    PS credit to the Tairis site for being one of the few highlighting this.

    Tairis said...

    Thanks! I'm glad there are other people writing in, I hope there are more. And I certainly hope they do listen.

    nefaeria said...

    I am glad you wrote. :) I am a firm believer that words hold power. I will try and add mine to the mix tonight as well.